Genealogical Society of Broward County
History of Officers, Directors & Imprints Editors
 Year  President  Vice-President  Secretary  Treasurer
2024  Diana McKenney  Robert Stevens  Pamela Shaffner  Carolyn Hanes
2023  Diana McKenney  Robert Stevens  Pamela Shaffner  Carolyn Hanes
2022  Diana McKenney  Robert Stevens  Pamela Shaffner  Carolyn Hanes
2021  Diana McKenney
 Carnell Gadson /
 Robert Stevens
 Mimi Turin /
 LuAnn Comes
 Carolyn Hanes
2020  Diana McKenney  Carnell Gadson
 Mimi Turin /
 Carolyn Hanes
 Carolyn Hanes /
 Jim Reep
2019  Diana McKenney  Carnell Gadson  Carolyn Hanes  Jim Reep
2018  Mark Fearer  Carnell Gadson  Diana McKenney
 Jim Reep /
 Sharon Youmans
2017  Pat Tarpy  Mark Fearer  Alice Walker  A. Judy Austin
2016  Pat Tarpy  Mark Fearer  Alice Walker  A. Judy Austin
2015  Pat Tarpy  Mark Fearer
 Patricia Parker / 
 Alice Walker
 A. Judy Austin
2014  Harriett Brooke  Pat Tarpy  Clare Kelly  A. Judy Austin
2013  Harriett Brooke  Pat Tarpy  Clare Kelly  A. Judy Austin
2012  Clare Kelly  David Stark  Harriett Brooke  A. Judy Austin
2011  Clare Kelly  David Stark  Harriett Brooke  A. Judy Austin
2010  Barbara Law  Clare Kelly  Ann Dooley  A. Judy Austin
 Jane Congdon
 Barbara Law  **
 Elsie Curtis  Rosemary Gamlin  A. Judy Austin
2008  Eve Savage  Nancy Ann Adams  Bob Savage  A. Judy Austin
2007  Barbara DiPetrillo  Eve Savage  A. Judy Austin  Pat McKeon
2006  Barbara DiPetrillo  Mary Harrell-Sesniak  A. Judy Austin  Pat McKeon
2005  Sandra Mautner  Barbara DiPetrillo  Margo Muccino  A. Judy Austin
2004  Sandra Mautner  Barbara DiPetrillo  Ruth Filstead  A. Judy Austin
2003  Eve Savage  Sandra Mautner  Margo Muccino  A. Judy Austin
2002  Eve Savage  Sandra Mautner  Fleeta Peacock  A. Judy Austin
2001  Jack R. Bresnahan  Eve Savage  Fleeta Peacock  A. Judy Austin
2000  Jack R. Bresnahan  Eve Savage  A. Judy Austin  Trude Thompson
1999  Lillian Trubey  William R. Hicks  A. Judy Austin  Trude Thompson
1998  Charles Vollman  William R. Hicks  A. Judy Austin  Trude Thompson
1997  Charles Vollman  Delmar Rittle  A. Judy Austin  Trude Thompson
1996  Fred Henry  Charles Vollman
 Marguerit Van Etten /
 Mary Rafferty
 Trude Thompson
1995  Lillian Trubey  David Lewis  Madeline Martin  Fred Henry
1994  Lillian Trubey  Judith Warth  Bonnie Malmat  Fred Henry
1993  Virginia Fletcher  Vicki Garson  Lillian Trubey  Minnie Boyd
1992  Seymour "Sy" Long  Stan Peacock  Lillian Trubey  Minnie Boyd
1991  Harry Young  Seymour Long  Dorothy Steiner  Rosalie Vazanno
1990  Virginia Fletcher  Winfield Lyon  Ann Dooley  Guy Davenport
1989  Marguerite Van Etten  Stanley Peacock  Catherine Shannon  Guy Davenport
1988  Virginia Fletcher  Herbert Price  Lorraine Kincaid  Guy Davenport
1987  Dorothy Nance  Virgil Harvey  Ann Dooley  Kenz P. Everett
1986  Catherine Shannon  Dorothy Nance  Candi King  Kenz P. Everett
1985  Lt. Col. Harry L. Young, Jr.  Catherine Shannon  Bonnie Malmat  Guy Davenport
1984  Audrey Sullivan  Lt. Col. Harry L. Young, Jr.  Catherine Shannon  Guy Davenport
1983  Marguerite Van Etton  Audrey Sullivan  Catherine Shannon  Guy Davenport
1982  Virginia Fletcher  Marguerite Van Etton  Bernice Fancher  A Virgil Barnhill, Jr
 Sally Cash
 Virginia Fletcher  Bernice Fancher  Mary Ann Clinkscales
1980  Anne Slagle  Sally Cash  Bonnie Rogers  Mary Ann Clinkscales
1979  Guy Davenport  Anne Slagle  Mary Ann Clinkscales  J. Clifton McGohan
1978  Harry Young  Anne Slagle  Mary Ann Clinkscales  J. Clifton McGohan
1977  Harry Young  Joseph Frakes  Ruth Davis  Barbara Betz
Directors & Imprints Editors
 Year  Director  Director  Director  Imprints Editor
2024  Diane King  Carnell Gadson  Nelly Rivera  -
2023 Mimi Turin  Diane King  Carnell Gadson  -
2022  Babrara Larson  Mimi Turin  Diane King  -
2021  Barbara Larson  Rob Stevens / Mimi Turin  Nancy Turetsky/Diane King  -
2020  Barbara Larson  Rob Stevens  Jim Reep  -
2019  Douglas Glover  Pat Tarpy  Mark Fearer/Tamiko Armbrister  Diana McKenney
2018  Nancy Adams  Pat Tarpy  Douglas Glover  -
2017  Nancy Adams  Nancy Wyman  Douglas Glover  -
2016  Nancy Adams  Nancy Wyman  -  Mark Fearer
2015  David Stark  Nancy Adams  -  Mark Fearer
2014  David Stark  Nancy Adams  -  -
2013  Barbara Law  David NStark  -  -
2012  Jane Congdon  Barbara Law  Jennifer Arthur  -
2011  Eve Savage  Jane Congdon  Barbara Law  -
2010  Virginia Fletcher  Eve Savage  Jane Congdon  -
2009  Eve Savage  Pat McKeon  Ann Dooley  -
 Barbra DiPetrillo/
 Virginia Fletcher  
 Pat McKeon  Ann Dooley  -
2007  Sandra Mautner  Virginia Fletcher  Ann Dooley  -
2006  Sandra Mautner  Eve Savage  Virginia Fletcher  Mary Harrell-Sesniak
2005  Lillian Trubey  Eve Savage  Virginia Fletcher  Mary Harrell-Sesniak
2004  Jack R. Bresnahan  Lillian Trubey  Eve Savage  Lillian Trubey
2003  Jack R. Bresnahan  Virginia Fletcher  Lillian Trubey  Lillian Trubey
2002  Jack R. Bresnahan  Virginia Fletcher  Lillian Trubey  Lillian Trubey
2001  Charles Vollman  Lillian Trubey  Virginia Fletcher  Lillian Trubey
2000  Fred Henry  Charles Vollman  Lillian Trubey  Lillian Trubey
1999  Fred Henry  Guy Davenport  Charles Vollman  Lillian Trubey
1998  Lillian Trubey  Fred Henry  Guy Davenport  Lillian Trubey
1997  David Lewis  Lillian Trubey  Fred Henry  Lillian Trubey
1996  Virginia Fletcher
 Judith Warth / David Lewis
 Lillian Trubey  Lillian Trubey
1995  Sally Fisher Cash  Virginia Fletcher  Judith Warth  Lillian Trubey
1994  Harry L. Young, Jr.  Sally Fisher Cash  Virginia Fletcher  Lillian Trubey
1993  Marguerite Van Etten  Harry L. Young, Jr.  Seymour "Sy" Long  Lillian Trubey
1992  Marguerite Van Etten  Virginia Fletcher  Harry L. Young, Jr.  Audrey Sullivan
1991  Audrey Sullivan  Marguerite Van Etten  Virginia Fletcher  Rachel Wagner
1990  Dorothy Nance  Audrey Sullivan  Marguerite Van Etten  Rachel Wagner
1989  Harry L. Young  Dorothy Nance  Virginia Fletcher  Audrey Sullivan
1988  Harry L. Young  Catherine Shannon  Dorothy Nance  Audrey Sullivan
1987  Audrey Sullivan  Harry L. Young  Catherine Shannon  Audrey Sullivan
1986  Ann Dooley  Audrey Sullivan  Harry L. Young  Audrey Sullivan
1985  Virginia Fletcher  Ann Dooley  Audrey Sullivan  Audrey Sullivan
1984  Sally Cash  Virginia Fletcher  Ann Dooley  Audrey Sullivan
1983  Anne Slagle  Sally Cash  Virginia Fletcher  Audrey Sullivan
1982  Guy Davenport  Anne Slagle  Sally Cash  Audrey Sullivan
1981  Harry Young  Guy Davenport  Anne Slagle  -
1980  Audrey Sullivan  Harry Young  Guy Davenport  -
1979  Mary Peters  Audrey Sullivan  Harry Young  -
1978  Gerry Walker  Mary Peters  Audrey Sullivan  -
1977  Gerry Walker  Mary Peters  Audrey Sullivan  -
NOTE: Where there are two names in a cell, generally someone was replaced during the term. The only exception is noted by **, the Society had Co-Presidents who served that term.