The GSBC began the recordation of the Dania Memorial Park cemetary on March 24, 2012 when a group of members and non-members teamed up to start the project. (Pictured below). Pictured here is Sandy ( ) a volunteer that was assisting the Society cleaning one of the headstones in order that a better picture could be taken.
While the project was only partially completed and there are many headstones still to record, a wonderful time was had by all and the day was absolutely wonderful.
The oldest headstone found was of Carl Petersen who was born 12 Oct 1869 and died 5 Dec 1897. The cemetery was supposedly opened in 1905 so there appears to some questions here.

Here is the first group of volunteers that began the GSBC research efforts to record the Dania Memorial Cemetery. They are from left to right: David Stark, Sandy Gilmore , Harriett Brooke, Clare Kelly, Elizabeth Barnett and Barbara Law